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Help me Bake a Difference!

Join me in creating a smile and celebrating a very deserving little boy

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Icing Smiles is an organization I wish had been around when my sister, Erin, and I were children. Icing Smiles supports children with critical illnesses by baking/decorating cakes to help celebrate birthdays, special days, and any day in between. There were so many times that I know Erin could have used some cheering up when she was in the hospital for surgeries or emergency hospitalizations or had a specialized cake to help her celebrate her birthday.

What makes Icing Smiles even more special is that they also support the siblings of children with critical illnesses. This hits close to home for me as I spent my 12th birthday in the hospital while Erin recovered from one of her most difficult surgeries and was in a lot of pain on that day.

Getting to use my talents to help children and families celebrate in the midst of treatments and the everyday life that comes with critical illnesses, has been amazing. I recently accepted a call to action to bake and decorate a dream cake for a celebration for a little boy whose brother is fighting cancer. A dream cake is defined as a cake that is sculpted, carved, or tiered or that has another type of wow factor. This is my very first dream cake that I will be creating (I have baked many fun cakes) so I am a little nervous but very excited to get to be creative and decorate this cake for a very well deserving little boy. This cake will help celebrate a major milestone in his life and make him feel celebrated and surrounded by love.

As this is my first dream cake, I am reaching out to all of you in the hopes that you might be interested in helping sponsor me to bake a difference for this family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Icing Smiles. Thank you for Baking a Difference with me!